NEWS | Ineffective, unsafe, and misrepresented: Students clamor the assessments of the university through online survey

Students from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) expressed their grievances regarding the survey conducted by the University Researchers in light with the impending shift of the institution to online classes.

Photo courtesy of Jehallover/Wordpress

Julianna Olaya, a second-year BS Interior Design student, stressed that the survey has not reached her, mentioning the lack of social media strategies. “Wala pong nakarating na news about sa survey ng PUP. Akala ko walang ganyan, to be honest,” said Olaya.

She also mentioned that aside from her, there will be more students who will not reach the released survey which will complicate the idea of acquiring the pulse of the majority of the students.

There is also a social media clamor by the students of PUP, asking for the validity of online surveys when it cannot deeply represent the students. In the report of former Student Regent Ron Cervantes, students from PUP campuses of Southern Luzon such as Mulanay, Ragay, and Gen Luna, are confined in the far-flung communities that even network signal is hard to reach the locale.

Moreover, factor such as the lack of stable connection complicates the safety of Yuri Consignado, a second-year BS Psychology student, during the pandemic since online surveys require him to go outside their home for a better connection.

“Minsan, kailangan ko pang pumunta sa bahay ng Tita ko na 10 streets away pa sa amin para magkaroon lang ako ng stable connection. Minsan, kailangan ko rin lumabas for how many minutes para lang din sa connection. Nag-aalala ang parents ko dahil naco-compromise ang safety ko at nila dahil sa ganoong gawain,” Consignado attested.

Recollecting the incident of Kriselyn Villance, a criminology student from Capiz State University who died on a motorcycle accident on her way home after looking for a signal to work on her academic requirements, there is a looming danger in looking for better connection.

Students are also worried for the said survey will not completely represent the whole student body response. A second year Education student, Sio Masuela, raised the point that having an online survey, and drawing a comprehensive assessment over that technique, will not cover a wide variety of groups and demographics.

“Mahirap kasi talagang kumalap ng datos sa pamamaraang online. Mahirap masiguro na marerepresenta ang iba’t ibang grupo halimbawa na lang sa PUP. At kung mayroon mang mga alternatibo sa pagsasagawa ng ganitong survey, mahirap din dahil tanging online lang ang magiging paraan,” said Masuela.

According to the PUP Office of the Student Regent (OSR), they have already filed the petition letter to the Office of the President entitled “Policy Guidelines Proposal on Mass Promotion for the students of PUP during the time of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)” which highlights the needs of the students based on the result of the consultation with all the Student Councils from different PUP Systems including the branches and campuses and other student organizations. The letter also includes comprehensive solutions to the problems stated by the community. The OSR is calling out to the students for support on this policy proposal.

A public dialogue was also requested by the broad alliance of progressive groups, student councils, publications, and advocacy groups, to the University President Dr. Manuel Muhi on May 31 to discuss the plight of the students together with other sectors, and the crafted Five PUP Demands as an alternative solution.

Text by Rizza Alacio

Published by The Catalyst

The official student publication of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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